Pandian Stores Episode Update 30.11.21

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The problem has erupted between Kannan and Kadir Mulla.

Pandian Stores Episode Update 30.11.21 : Popular serial Pandian Stores airing on Vijay TV on Tamil logo screen. Ask Murthy why not call Kannan Aishwarya to our house at Jeeva shop and don’t do all that for now. Kannan was the one who did not know the difficulty in our house. Making awesome people come to that house and study is no big deal. But that would not be a tribute to Aishwarya. He knows what it is like to find life paragraph by paragraph. He says that we are going to help him in a difficult way even though we are away.

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Then Murthy doesn’t know why Kannan is not going to work for your father-in-law’s shop. He picks up the phone so I don’t have to say anything. Murthy says that he will tell you if there is any problem.

This page is about crap and baby sitting at home and cuddling. This time the ray is coming. Awesome guy says Medua laughs and looks at the baby entree. Like you tell us not to let out a loud breath. Kadir says that child Enthiripanna will say that too. This time Murthy is coming home.

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The problem between Kannan and Kadir Mulla .. Homecoming Mulla - Pandian Stores Today's full episode update

Anta Kadir asks Kadir if he has paid Rs 20,000 to the contractor. Says he gave. He still has money and has stopped working. Panna asks when the shop will be built. Come to me tomorrow and he says he can talk. Asks if you will not buy a receipt for anything when paying. After that Murthy gets up and goes inside and says that Kadir has lost money. Murthy says he thought he could search and find out why it was not told to his mother but could not find it. It seems to both Murthy and Danam that the story is not true. Danam asks Pannittia to help anyone else. No. I told him the truth back then and he apologized for saying it was the truth and he went inside.

Then crap I’m talking to him. Uncle, you can buy and eat. When he lied, he struggled to ask for food and Murthy left and went inside. Then I don’t know anything to ask if Danam said anything to you.

The truth has to be told when the urchin goes into the room and asks at home. How many lies can you tell to cover up a lie.? Who do you help and why do you blame yourself? Let the brother decide for himself. He says I can not wait to see all this. Kadir does not say that I can not live without you.

He gets angry and lies down so that Kadir can touch me without touching the thorn. If you don’t tell your brother the truth, he says I will go home. Kadir sighs not knowing what to do. This concludes today’s Pandian Store serial episode.

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