Panic on social media in Turkey after the earthquake

Panic on social media in Turkey after the earthquake

Istanbul: Incendiary posts on social media against southern Turkey in the heat of the earthquake. Turkish police said that four people were taken into custody yesterday in connection with the incident.

The police were trying to find those who were trying to instill fear and panic among the people in the situation where there was a severe earthquake and thousands of people lost their lives. As a part of this, the police came to the provocative posts that were circulated through social media. Later, those who prepared the posts were found and four people were taken into custody.

Police are conducting a detailed investigation into the posted accounts. But the police have not released any other information about the post. Turkish social media is flooded with posts about rescue efforts in earthquake zones. The volunteer forces informed that the address and location information of those seeking help is immediately ascertained and help is provided promptly.

An earthquake that shook the country occurred in Turkey on Monday morning. About 5,000 people were killed and thousands injured in Turkey and Syria. A group of people are suffering without a place to take shelter in the extreme cold.



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