“Panther”: Noa Kirel unveils a new hit

In the week in which she officially announced that she will represent us in the upcoming Eurovision Song Contest, Noa Kirel releases a new song – “Panther”, which she created together with Ron Beaton, Jordan (Jordi) Peleg and Ithi Shimoni, the team that produced, among other things, “Pouch”, the big breakout hit of Kirel into the mainstream (before that she was mainly considered a youth and childhood idol).

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Each of Kirel’s songs has already become a reason for a party, not only because a singer of her stature and status releases a song accompanied by an elaborate music video, but because with each song she re-stretches the musical boundaries, leads and dictates a musical tone in pop that is different from what she did before and makes an entire country buzz, mostly The times, the songs.

Similar to the line she grew up with in “Pemon”, here too Kirel sings about herself (“All day I’m everywhere, there’s not a minute to breathe”) and occasionally cools the song with her brand “Noa Kila”, spices up popular slangs like “Ashkara” and mostly continues the line The feminine empowerment of a panther woman, powerful, strong and goal-oriented who knows exactly where she is headed and is not ashamed to do everything to get there.

Musically, the song is intriguing because it sounds to me like it came from the soundtrack of a Tarantino action movie, combining elements of jazz, Latin music and flamenco, sixties rock’n’roll and of course a lot of hip hop, trap, reggaeton and contemporary pop, all of which creates a sensual and immersive mix that is easy to sit down In his charm for the first listen.

The song consists of all the elements that make up a sure hit, and it is likely that “Panther” will also become one, raising the level of curiosity about the song that will represent us at Eurovision. If the team that writes her best hits will be a partner in writing and producing – our chances (that is, her chances, but she is our representative, the Israelis) to secure a respectable place – are high.


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