Paolo Bonolis: “The most thoughtful thing in my life? My daughter Silvia and her health problems”

It is not the first time that Paolo Bonolis Talks about his daughter Silvia and her health problems, problems that for the first daughter born of the marriage with Sonia Bruganelli would not yet be overcome: “The heaviest thing in my life? Our daughter Silvia has her health problems, the problem has persisted for 18 years, but with her smile it is easier to deal with it “, said the conductor in an interview with Messenger.

As soon as she was born, she underwent heart surgery. The post-operative period was problematic and led her to have some delays in the growth process. I love her like all the other children. Silvia is a beautiful child, always very smiling, very sunny, who participated in the Special Olympics also winning silver in the throwing of the ball and gold in the 10-meter assisted flat meters ”, Bonolis had told some time ago. Rehabilitation, speech therapy and physiotherapy sessions. “I became a mother with her, when he made me understand that he forgave me all his shortcomings. I had enormous difficulties managing myself and managing it. Of my three children she is the one who knows me best, I tell her my secrets, she taught me to be proud of myself “, declared the Bruganelli.

The conductor, after a repeat presence in recent months, except for some rare hosted, returned to the first TV on Canale 5, occupying the early evening with “Next another”, which already started with a 20% share. The professional future of the Roman presenter is shrouded in mystery, his contract with Mediaset will expire at the end of 2021.

His return to Rai has been hypothesized for some time, a hypothesis also re-launched by Tvblog, according to the site in question could land in Viale Mazzini with new commitments, not certain for now: from a new access prime time to the Sanremo Festival, from Il Senso della Vita to Domenica In. telemarket it will accompany the summer of enthusiasts and professionals, for now, as already mentioned, it is a matter of hypotheses for certainties we will have to wait.


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