Parade according to the trend “potatoes to reduce fever” confirmed that it is extremely effective the doctor is not indifferent Reveal a better way!

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Crowds follow. Viral cuts potatoes underfoot. Confirm that it can really reduce fever. But the doctor looked and shook his head. Record a clip explaining how it’s easier and more effective than that.

Hundreds of TikTok users abroad Parade following the trend of a strange flu treatment called “potato sock” until it became a viral trend in the app for a while.

With the number of cases soaring this season, the search term “potato sock” has reached a combined 8.1 billion hits. under each foot Then cover it with socks and leave it there overnight.

While some doctors have come forward to condemn it as fake science, many desperate TikTokers also turned to such treatment It is also said that potatoes help flush out toxins from the body. Make them feel refreshed and energized.

“It works!! It made my daughter feel so much better!!” said one mother after trying it on her sick child. “You can see potato slices that are disgustingly dark. That is because the toxins are removed and your child feels much better.”

female influencer “Isabelle Lux” Try this popular trick as well. After battling the worst flu of my life She says in the clip, “Did something come out of my body last night? After trying to stuff a potato in a sock And it’s the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life. Is this a detox? You can see and tell that it is the most disgusting thing in the world. I was shocked and in tears.”

however Dr.Tommy Martin Medical experts warn TikTokers have already watched the video of potato therapy. before suggesting that there is a better way It is also clinically proven to relieve cold symptoms. He posted a video urging viewers to bring their children. Go get vaccinated against influenza. Instead of stuffing vegetables in socks “That doesn’t replace going to the doctor if your child is sick.”

meanwhile A nutritionist has come to explain that Why does the potato look black after taking it out of the sock? To refute the claim that black is a toxin excreted from the body. By saying frankly that “When the potatoes are sliced Exposure to air and body heat will turn brown with enzymes.. A potato in a sock won’t cure your flu.”

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