parasala sharon murder case | Sharon murder case; Daily routines

parasala sharon murder case |  Sharon murder case;  Daily routines

Parashala Sharon’s murder unfolded during an eight-hour long interrogation. Greeshma did a planned move in Sharon’s murder. Scientific evidence and conflicting statements are the main clues in the case investigation. The police also found that the girl used the internet to plan the murder. A studious and only daughter of her parents, Greeshma graduated from MS University in Tamilnadu with BA in English Literature with 4th rank. She is a fan of horror movies. He faced the police investigation with determination. The police did not feel suspicious even after she had given her statement twice. Now Greeshma is a second year student of MA English. When another marriage was confirmed, the girl confessed to the police that the murder was to avoid Sharon and that she had mixed poison in the potion.

The statement of the doctor who conducted the post-mortem was also crucial in the case investigation. On the 14th of last month, Sharon went to the woman’s house in Ramavarman Chira in Tamil Nadu with her friend to buy back the record book and came back in good health. Sharon’s relatives alleged that the cause of the illness was drinking the tincture and juice given by the young woman. The young man died while undergoing treatment at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College Hospital. The postmortem report states that death was due to liver and kidney failure. The doctor’s statement led the police to suspect that Sharon’s death was a murder.

In the report given by the doctor to the police, it was stated that Sharon’s vomit had a bluish-green color. Then the investigation team decided to conduct a detailed investigation. In this investigation, it became clear that the herbicide Capic was ingested by Sharon. When the bottle of coffee and other things were found outside the house, it became clear that it was coffee that was mixed in the potion. Greeshma testified that she decided to kill Sharon after looking for many ways to get rid of her. It has been only one year since Sharon and Greeshma fell in love. Greeshma told the police that they had a fight in February. A story was made that there is Jataka Dosha and the first husband will die before November. It was an attempt to avoid Sharom. Sharom saw all this lightly and came after him, so he was summoned and poisoned.

Greeshma told the police that Sharon had her personal videos and pictures with her and she asked them to return them but she did not give in and that was the reason why she was killed. But Sharon’s reply was that it would not be given. Following this, the girl threatened to commit suicide. Still, Sharon didn’t give up. It is also said that Greeshma was afraid that these pictures would be handed over to her fiance. On October 14, Sharon came to Greeshma’s house and drank juice and tincture. It was Greeshma who boiled the kashaya powder that was kept for her mother and made the kashaya. Said it was for Natuveda and drank it. When Sharon went to the bathroom, she mixed insecticide in the potion.

Greeshma was insisting to drink the concoction. It is said that after drinking Sharon, he also gave juice. Sharon came to Greeshma’s house with her friend. He returned from there in a state of disrepair. Relatives say that Sharon had vomited after drinking the juice given by Greeshma many times before. Sharon’s relatives received footage of her drinking cold drinks many times, saying it was a juice challenge. Due to this, there is a doubt that juice is also involved in Sharon’s death. But even when she was in the hospital, Sharon had no doubt about the juice or infusion that Greeshma gave her. Greeshma gave Sharon a cold drink called juice challenge every time they met since last August. When Sharon asked what the challenge was, Greeshma would walk away saying that she would explain later.

Sharon did not say that she drank the decoction when she came to Greeshma’s house when she was ill in the hospital. The family members were made to believe that the juice they had drunk before was useless. After that, Sharon’s friends and relatives suspected that the juice might have been poisoned. Then they used to ask Greeshma about the same many times. Grishma cried and said that she did not poison Sharon and nothing will happen after drinking the juice. Later Sharon’s brother called Greeshma and asked the name of the potion. Greeshma said that she did not know the name of the tincture and that she had washed the bottle. The girl said that there is no sticker containing the details. Even while lying in the hospital, Sharon was asking Greeshma about the infusion and juice many times. But he insisted that he did not know about this to Sharon without any difference of expression.

And often broke down emotionally. Even after Sharon’s death, Greeshma was adamant about this. Greeshma believed till the last moment that he would escape even though all the evidence was against him. Meanwhile, even though Sharon’s relatives repeated that Sharon’s death was a murder and Greeshma had killed her, there is a strong allegation that the Parashala police showed a serious failure in the investigation. The main allegation of the relatives is that the Parashala police have adopted a favorable attitude towards the girl. It is also alleged that after recording the statement in the hospital bed, the police did not try to find the crucial evidence including the potion bottle. The failure of Parashala Police is evident in the situation where the accused confessed to the crime within hours of the start of the crime branch investigation.

The conflict in the statements and the information provided by the doctor who conducted the post-mortem is crucial in the case. At first, the police wondered why the young man would drink the potion when he came to the house of the girl he loved. The later investigation focused on the information that Greeshma had been giving juice to Sharon regularly. The investigation team decided to interrogate Greeshma and her parents. The interrogation with them and alone lasted for hours. Grisham could not stand the questioning of the investigation team and later confessed everything.

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