Parliament, the green pass is not used to vote in the Chamber: it is required for restaurants, events, competitions and access to the library

The green pass you do not need to vote in Parliament, ma sia a Montecitorio that a Madama Palace you have to show the green certificate to carry out other activities, such as eating at ristorante or attend a conference. The standards approved by the college of Quaestors of Camera e Senate, in force since last August 6, but in fact tested for the first time this week, when the work of parliamentarians resumed at full capacity. The regulation is “in line with what is happening outside,” he explained to Corriere della Sera the commissioner Gregorio Fontana. To vote in the Chamber, however, the obligation to show the green pass is not foreseen: “It would mean limiting a constitutional right. Such a thing cannot be done with a resolution of the college of Quaestors ”, underlined Fontana.

The parliamentarians therefore have to show their pass for eat at the table, not to drink a coffee at the desk. In addition, all the events that take place inside the buildings of the Chamber and Senate require a green certificate: give them events Everyone press conferences and competitions, from access to Iotti library to the historical archive. Entry into the hemicycle to participate in the debate of theClass e vote it remains excluded instead.

The decision, however, sparked controversy from several parties: Democratic party e Italy Viva, but also Brothers of Italy, despite being in opposition and criticizing the use of the green pass as a tool to contain the pandemic. “I would take it for granted that the same standard on gatherings ”, argues the parent company of FdI Francesco Lollobrigida, denouncing as “an incorrect thing” the “privilege accorded to us and that we do not want” to stay in the Hemicycle without the green pass, required instead to stay in other areas of the Chamber such as the library and the ristorante: right here a clerk checks the document of each deputy, with a discreet queue at the entrance during the lunch break.

According to Roberto Giachetti (Iv) “there is no rational reason why the green pass is not required to enter the Chamber. It is an unjustifiable decision except to establish a privilege ”. It also attacks Beatrice Lorenzin (Pd): “Here is a gathering continuous. Not having the green pass jeopardizes the place where I have to exercise my mandate and where I would like to be able to stay in full security to work for many hours. Not asking for it means that one minority puts everyone’s right to health at risk ”. The Vice-President of the Chamber Andrea Mandelli (Fi) replies: “I will report this debate to the president I am and I am sure that the issue will be addressed in the Bureau ”.

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