Parruti gives charge to the city: “Let’s resist another month” – It is imperceptible, yet it is there. The spread of the coronavirus in recent weeks, with the surge in hospital admissions, is causing “a very initial slowdown” which, albeit lukewarm, creates great hopes and positive prospects, making us imagine the long-awaited transition to a less difficult phase. But it will have to wait for April. And therefore, until then, it is essential not to let your guard down, to stick to the usual rules. Take stock of the situation Giustino Parruti, director of the Covid hospital in
What’s the situation?
We have some very slight signs of attenuation on hospital pressure, which however remains very high. Our hospitalization capacity stands at 300, 310 patients, and we are full. In the emergency room (the data is updated to yesterday morning, ed), there are 15-16 sick people waiting, a lower number than the peaks of the last few days, when they were 25. It will be better when we receive all the arrivals to the emergency room within the day and we will be able to close the additional departments that we had to open . Of course, today we are not overwhelmed and we are not forced to further increase the care system as we have already done, passing from 210 to 300 beds in a week. The impression is that we have entered a plateau: the demand is still high but it has not increased further.
Mayor Masci keeps schools closed (apart from crèches). What week do you expect?
The closure of the schools was made necessary to avoid the possibility of a new spread of infections in the family through the children. But in any case everyone must contribute with a sense of responsibility to the braking that can be seen. All forms of protection and control must be respected, given the danger of the English variant, which infects even with low charges. Maximum attention is required. That is, we must avoid interactions, use the mask, respect the spacing, ventilate the premises. The message for everyone is to make the last effort of co-responsibility. If we are more controlled, without having to use shotguns, we will be able to return to yellow.
The most dangerous continue to be the young. What can you tell the kids, given the limitations that still exist today?
Yes, young people are the most dangerous subjects. We are in a hybrid situation that does not give full satisfaction because it leaves the small impression that there is the possibility of circulating. On the other hand, it would have been difficult to re-propose a lockdown situation, the population is tired. But we need to continue to collaborate as much as possible, bearing in mind that there will be a vaccine for everyone in 50-60 days. The stocks are expected to expand and there is the capacity to administer doses, allocating the resources currently used for screening to this phase. I am confident, from this point of view: we will be able to count on the logistics of the Civil Protection and the support of the Army.
Work continues to improve and implement the system in the meantime.
Thanks to the company we have been supported on all fronts, from technologies to tools, and now we aim to improve the day hospital, where we will implement staff, beds and armchairs: we must be ready to receive more access to the day hospital, created for the post Covid has become an alternative measure to hospitalization. And then the arrival of monoclonal antibodies is expected.
She suggests what to do to avoid contagion. Yet even very scrupulous people contract the coronavirus.
It is really sneaky. You need a very strong control that goes through hand washing and surface cleaning. We have to pay attention to the objects we touch. Spacing and cleanliness are essential.
The effort continues to be very heavy for healthcare personnel.
For my part, I express gratitude, esteem and recognition towards those who maintain the system. And I tell everyone that we can do it. We still resist the month of March, which will be very hard. But we will begin to climb up the hill. The sunrise? In April.
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