Part of the production of hand prostheses launched in the Far East

Motorika, a leading Russian developer and manufacturer of high-tech prostheses using artificial intelligence (AI) technologies, has placed a contract production of mechanical assemblies for bionic hand prostheses INDI at the Composite DV premises in Komsomolsk-on-Amur, Vedomosti was told in the press service DFVT.

The production was organized with the financial support of the Far Eastern Fund for High Technologies (DFVT). INDI is part of the robotic line of single-grip hand prostheses, they explained. The mechanical assemblies in question allow for gripping by such devices. The prosthesis itself is controlled by sensors. The mechanical brush can be opened and closed using a small electric motor.

“Motorica” ​​has set itself the task of diversifying the supply and assembly of components – assemblies for prostheses, among other important things. This will create production capacity for multiple growth of the company. Placing orders in the Far East is one of the solutions to the problem “, – explained the decision of the company by the chairman of the board of directors of” Motorica “Andrey Davidyuk.

Initially, the company ordered 150 sets of mechanical assemblies from Komsomolsk-on-Amur, despite the fact that one assembly is needed for one prosthesis. By next year “Motorica” ​​intends to increase the volume up to 500-800 sets. This, in turn, will provide nodes for up to 30-40% of all prostheses produced by the company per year. It is assumed that the products will be supplied not only to the Russian regions, but also exported to the states of the Asia-Pacific region.

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In January of this year, Motorika attracted 300 million rubles from the Far Eastern Federal Technical University and the Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF). for development and development in Russia and in foreign markets. Part of this money is directed to the development of the company in the Far East. So, now the company’s research center for invasive neurotechnologies is being prepared for opening in Vladivostok together with FEFU and Skoltech. The first operations to implant invasive electronics are planned for August-September this year.



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