Parties that make succession politics; One family should not enjoy monopoly power: PM Modi Constitution Day should have been celebrated

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Many parties in India Succession politics Do, this is the biggest threat to our democracy, as such parties operate only for their family, and only one family should not monopolize power Prime Minister Modi Spoke.

The Central Government has been celebrating November 26 as the Constitution Day of India since 2015, the day the Constitution of India was adopted.

The event was held this morning in the central arena of Parliament. The function, chaired by President Ramnath Govind, was attended by Vice President Venkaiah Naidu, Prime Minister Modi, Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Union Ministers and MPs.

On the show Prime Minister Modi Spoken by:

Indian Constitution As a day to salute the leaders who created it after strong consultation, to give us the law Constitution The day is over. Today is the day to worship Parliament. I salute Mahatma Gandhi and the freedom fighters who fought for Indian independence. Nadeem was primary for those who drafted the constitution.

Constitution Day should be celebrated every year after 1950. But, some did not. We need to celebrate this day to evaluate whether what we are doing is right or not. Ambedkar has given us the greatest gift in the name of the Constitution. Political groups are very important in a democracy.

Many parties in India Succession politics Do. . Succession politics Is the biggest threat to our democracy. Such parties operate only for themselves and their families. It is not good for democracy if the entire structure of the party is of one family. Only one family should not monopolize power.

How can parties that do not respect intra-party democracy defend the country’s democracy? Leaders should be selected based on skills. Succession politics Some of the parties that do have lost their ratings.

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Political parties Constitution Must understand and act on the laws. Those convicted of corruption should not get involved in politics. People should ignore those who commit corruption.

Today people are talking about their rights. If people understand their duties, their rights will be protected. Future generations need to understand our Constitution.

Today is the day of mourning for the terrorists who entered India and carried out the terrorist attack in Mumbai. I remember our brave soldiers who fought with the extremists and swam for their lives.

Thus Prime Minister Modi Spoke.


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