Party executive throws diesel into car – Ramdas gets on bus – Ambassador 1819 Story | Dr Ramadoss share his memories with ambassador car

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Updated: Sunday, November 21, 2021, 18:38 [IST]

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CHENNAI: A Vanniyar Sangam executive has posted on his Facebook page that his ambassador, 1819, was a PAMA founder, Dr. Ramdas, who was traveling in a government bus when he got angry over putting diesel in his car.

Dr. Ramdas posted on his Facebook page: There are many moderators who have supported Ramdas’ social justice struggle. Beyond them there is an arina that was very close to Ramadan. That’s me …. what … still can’t identify me?

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I’m just talking about TSh – 1819 as the closest ambassador to Ramadan’s mind. Founder of the Vanniyar Sangam, Ramadass toured across Tamil Nadu to coordinate the reservation struggle. He usually used to go by bus as he did not have a car or other vehicles for the use of the Vanniyar Sangam at that time. At one point the car was purchased to ease the burden of Ramadan.

Great load

Great load

Many times I have trouble being able to carry extra passengers. But, then I think of Ramadan. Is everything we carry a burden compared to the burden he carries? I will ask myself. No matter how many people ride on me my speed just doesn’t slow down. No other vehicle can catch up with me. At that speed it will travel at speeds of 120 to 140 kilometers per hour. Ramadas will provide food and fuel for me at his own expense. He would not allow anyone else to refuel for him.

Anger by Vanniyar Sangam administrator

Anger by Vanniyar Sangam administrator

This is because Ramdas had promised to bear the cost of the Vanniyar Sangam work and would not ask anyone for help. Once while touring Salem, a Vanniyar Sangam administrator fueled me with love. Ramadan does not know this. On my way back to Tindivanam after the show, Ramdas told my driver to stop me at a petrol station and fill up with diesel. It was then that he reluctantly told the fact that an administrator in Salem had refueled him. Ramadas’ face turned red when he heard that. He scolded the driver for telling me how I could refuel in someone else’s castle contrary to their policies, and got off saying that the next castle would not travel on me filled with fuel. Later, Dr. Ayya boarded a government bus and reached Tindivanam. The day Dr. Ramdas refused to travel on me was the saddest day of my life

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I myself am the eldest child

I myself am the eldest child

There are many unforgettable events and memories in the journey with Ramadan. It was only when I broke down that I could not drive at one point that Ramadas switched to another vehicle with a much heavier heart. How many vehicles may Ramadas have used since then … but, above all, he is my favorite child … I am the eldest child. Remember the registration numbers of other vehicles he used and is using? Do not know. But even if I wake him up he will say my registration number is 1819. What other name and glory do I want than this? Thus Dr. Ramdas posted on his Facebook page.

English summary

PMK Founder Dr Ramadoss shared his memories with Old ambassador car 1819.

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