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Dhe strike of the train drivers’ union GDL hit commuters and vacationers for the second time this month. Large parts of local and long-distance traffic had been paralyzed since Monday morning. According to Deutsche Bahn, a little more trains should run in long-distance traffic than during the first strike in mid-August, when around a quarter of normal traffic rolled. The railway announced that the nationwide offer was now to be increased to 30 percent. There are also 200 buses, for example between Berlin and Dresden. In the case of regional trains and S-Bahn trains, they want to maintain around 40 percent of the offer. The emergency timetable is stable. Nevertheless, all trips that are not absolutely necessary should be postponed, advised the railway. Long-distance tickets could be used until September 4th. Tickets would also be refunded. The GDL made it clear that there would be no new offer and that it would be on strike for the third time.

The labor dispute is scheduled to end on Wednesday morning at 2 a.m. In freight traffic, which has been on strike since Saturday, the effects were initially minor due to the comparatively low traffic on the weekend, according to Deutsche Bahn. “We expect that our cargo trains may be impaired and delayed later in the day,” said a DB Cargo spokesman. Trains relevant to the system and supply continue to have priority and have so far reached their destination – also with the help of partner railways.

On Tuesday, however, as on Monday, travelers have to be prepared for numerous train cancellations and delays. The FAZ gives an overviewwhere the individual federal states were hardest hit – and what will happen to the passengers on the second day of the strike.

If you wanted to go on vacation from Frankfurt on Monday, you had to bring a lot of time with you.

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In the second wave, too, the nationwide strike by the Union of German Locomotive Drivers (GDL) led to numerous train cancellations in Hesse. Deutsche Bahn has again created a replacement timetable, which, according to a company spokeswoman, was reliably run on Monday. There is an offer on every line, although the regional trains and S-Bahn trains are much less frequent than on normal traffic days. It is assumed that around 40 percent of the usual range of services in Hessen will be available by rail, according to Deutsche Bahn. The passengers would have prepared themselves well for the strike announced on Friday.


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