Passengers surprised to see currency notes scattered on the road; You can see vehicles rushing to pick up notes; Traffic was light at this time; Video goes viral

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California (US): ( 21.11.2021) Passengers were shocked to see currency notes scattered on the road. You can see many people getting out of their vehicles and collecting notes. Others pick up the notes and throw them away again. The curious incident took place at 9.15am local time on Friday in Carlsbad, Southern California.

Bags full of notes fell from the truck, which was traveling safely along the freeway. Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation officials told the media that the vehicle was carrying currency from Santiago.

During the race, the truck’s door suddenly opened and the bags containing the notes fell on the road. Following this, the video of people picking up notes and many people throwing them away went viral on social media.

Those who posted the video on social media say that everyone stopped the vehicle and picked up the notes. Following this, traffic on the freeway was disrupted for a long time. Authorities have asked people to return the money. Local media reported that several people returned the currency notes after this.

California Highway Patrol officials said people received a lot of notes and many were returning them. Traffic on the freeway was disrupted for about two hours after currency notes were scattered from the truck.

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