Passive electronic components market and linked between amazing options, growth analysis and forecast until 2026

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Stratview Research has released a new report, entitled, Passive and Interconnecting Electronic Components Market. The report offers a broad analysis of key growth strategies, motivations, opportunities, key segment and competitive landscape. The report proposes key motivations that reinforce the growth in the passive and linked electronic components market. These insights help market players develop strategies to gain market presence. The study also outlines market constraints.

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The study offers a detailed segmentation of the market for passive and linked electronic components. According to this report, the market is estimated to grow from $ 1888.2 million in 2021 to $ 236.9 million by 2026 at a healthy CAGR of 4.0% during the forecast period.

Key sections analyzed in the study include Type, process, application, end user and geography. The market is analyzed based on regions and competitive landscape.

Key players

The study offers an extensive analysis of key players active in the passive and linked electronic components market. Here are some key players mentioned in the report –

  • AVX Corporation
  • Hosiden Corporation.
  • Mouser Electronics, Inc.
  • Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Panasonic Corporation
  • SAMSUNG Electro-Mechanics
  • TDK Corporation
  • Vishay Intertechnology, Inc

Growth motives and market value:

This report, from the Stratview study, is a passive and linked electronic components market value and growth drivers during the 2020-25 trend period. According to the article –

The market for passive and linked electronic components is expected to have an impressive CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period. The growing demand for passive and linked electronic components is mainly due to the increasing use of electronic devices. In addition, the surge in the adoption of smartphones and laptops in emerging economies like India and China may stimulate the market of passive and interconnected electronic components during the forecast period.

Segment analysis:

Based on component type:

Based on the type of components, the market is segmented as passive and connecting. The passive segment held the larger share of the market in 2019, and is expected to remain dominant during the forecast period. The growth of the sector is attributed to the significant demand for various types of capacitors to be manufactured in consumer electronic devices, industrial applications and more.

Based on regions:

In terms of regions, Asia-Pacific is valued as the largest and also the fastest growing market for passive and interconnected electronic components during the forecast period, with China, Japan, India and Australia being the largest countries offering promising growth opportunities. The growth of the market in the region is due to the increase in the per capita income of countries, the extensive growth of the construction industry in the region and the presence of a large number of passive and linked electronic component manufacturers in the said countries. North America and Europe are also expected to offer significant growth opportunities during the forecast period.

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Main advantages:

• The report provides a qualitative and quantitative analysis of the market of current passive and linked electronic components

Trends, forecasts and market size from 2021 to 2026 to set new opportunities.
• The major countries in each region are valued and their revenue contribution is mentioned.

Main suggestions of the report:

• Key factors and opportunities: For the purpose of strategy, a detailed examination of motivational factors and opportunities was conducted in various sectors.
• Recent trends and forecasts: A comprehensive analysis of the latest trends, developments and forecasts is mentioned in the report.
Sectoral Analysis: Each segment analysis and motivational factors along with income forecasts and growth rate analysis are taken to document meticulously.
• Regional analysis

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