Patricie Janečková (†25): Colleagues are crying! So unfair!

Patricie Janečková (†25): Colleagues are crying!  So unfair!

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Monday morning was shrouded in dark colors when the very sad news of the death of the young Ostrava soprano Patricia Burda Janečková reached the public. She was only twenty-five years old when she succumbed to malignant cancer. Her colleagues, with whom she stood on the boards that mean the world, now remember her intensely. And one of the stars even mentioned that she fell for her…

The deceased warbler is currently being remembered not only by a number of her colleagues from the art industry, but also by the entire institution. For example, the Musical of the Moravian-Silesian National Theater or the Janáček Philharmonic Ostrava dedicated her memory on Facebook. Opera singer Milan Sulej (48), who was with Patricia Janečková in Talentmaniihe was in shock. “I couldn’t believe the terrible news. I can’t find the words to express my sadness. It’s horrible, cancer is horrible,” said Lightning devastated.

“I’m crying now and I can’t understand where the justice is that someone as talented as Patricia Burda Janečková left us at the age of 25… For me, she was one of the most talented singers of the young generation and everyone knew it the moment she started marching as a child to the opera house, where I had the honor of meeting her for the first time. A terrible loss for the Czech scene… I can’t imagine the pain for her family… I’m terribly sorry.” singer Elis Mrázová (29) cried on Instagram and shared a photo together.

Rocker Pavel Hanus (36), active in the band Citron, for example, shared his emotional expression. “I’m reading it now and I can’t believe that Patricia Janečková is no longer with us… I’m so sorry, such a young and talented singer… I remember Patricia from the conservatory, and when I heard her sing for the first time, I got goosebumps all over! Rest in peace and sincere condolences to the family.”

“Paťa and I met at school. A hardworking, enormously talented, funny and beautiful woman. This is how I will remember. We met several times at work and it was always a very pleasant meeting. Your departure, Paťa, is impossible for me to accept. I send strength to all my family and friends. Too, too soon… You’re the best. May the soul rest in peace. Your friend, Stephen,” actor Štěpán Kozub (27) interestingly wrote on his Instagram profile.

“Today I learned the incredibly sad news that Patricia Janečková died. We sang together so many times and she was always simply great. We even planned a duet together. He will be truly missed by all of us. My condolences to the family,” singer Martin Chodúr (33) joined.

“In 2021, I wanted to connect my favorite singer Patricia Janečková with para-hockey players. In the clip, she was supposed to sing between them on ice La Danzu. We did not implement it for certain reasons. And unfortunately, it will never happen again. Last night I received very sad news…Robert Záruba (56), a well-known Czech sports commentator, revealed on Twitter.

Singer Eva Burešová (30) revealed on the social network that she stood up for her at the time when her futile battle with a serious illness was coming to an end!When they called me a few weeks ago to ask if I could sing one concert for Patricia, I hoped that it was only a stand-in for a much simpler reason…” she wailed.

“When I saw her name in the news, I thought it was just an article about her next musical success. I can’t believe it and I’m sad. Very. Patricia and I started together at the Moravian-Silesian National Theatre, and even though she was still very young, we all knew that such a voice was rarely born here and that one day we would hear about it from all over the world. Patricia, as one of the few from our troupe, really continued her operatic career and very successfully. Already at a very young age, she stood solo on stages and sang parts with ease that much more experienced singers have a problem with.

Elis Mrázová and I knew her as a smiling little lady with a big voice, and when we called each other today about this news, we felt sorry for how cruel and unfair the world can be. I feel sad. Remember this angel’s voice today and how life is too quick to deal with stupid things.” she appealed to her fans.

Director Zdeněk Troška also remembered the charming young woman, who said about the tragedy: “Even then in Talent maniawhere I was a judge, I said that this girl will win, that she has a clear gift from God,” he estimated her immense talent. “We weren’t in contact, but we knew each other. I followed her achievements. It’s a huge shame, I’m sorry” the famous fairy tale director added sadly.

“Beautiful little girl, Paťa. When I heard this news… I couldn’t and didn’t want to believe it. I’ve been thinking all night – how come?! I firmly believed… I remember the first time I heard you live at a rehearsal and I thought, this is such a wonderful, otherworldly gift. Sending you a huge hug up there. Your angelic voice that captured your soul, you, will forever be in our hearts. My sincere condolences to the entire family.” wrote singer Markéta Procházková on the social network for a joint selfie from backstage.

Gabriela Petráková, head of the musical ensemble of the Moravian-Silesian National Theatre, where Patricia was a soloist, began her memory with a quote “we only have it on loan in this world”. “When we say goodbye to our ancestors, it is painful. When our peers leave, we begin to realize many things. But when we are forced to say goodbye to someone who should have his future decades ahead of him and, by logic, he should rather say goodbye to us one day, it seems cruel and incomprehensible to us. Unfortunately, even that sometimes becomes a reality.

It seemed that our colleague Patricia Janečková had a great career ahead of her. With her talent, professional skills and natural charm of personality, she enchanted almost everyone who came into contact with her at work or in private. Even our musical group had a lot of plans with her – and she with us. She had a number of great roles and we were planning more. One of them was even firmly anchored in the dramaturgical plan and tickets were already on sale.

One thinks, the pan changes. Or if you want, fate interferes with our plans and we can’t do anything about it. Like a bolt from the blue, the news came some time ago that young Patricia was diagnosed with an insidious disease, which we would rather not expect in a woman at such a young age. She fought it bravely and openly shared her feelings on social networks with the harsh reality. For a while it even seemed like he was winning his fight.

However, the opposite turned out to be true. However, Patricia bravely bore even this cruel blow of fate. For a while, her zest for life and work was not taken away even by the knowledge that she had no chance of winning in this fight. She herself came up with the idea of ​​a necessary alternation in the game Interview, which the authors wrote on her body, so to speak. Neither she nor we had any idea in the summer that she would not see the planned premiere. Of course, we will imagine her on stage, and therefore we take it for granted that we dedicate this production to her memory. But that is only a weak band-aid for the pain we all feel at her departure. Goodbye, Patricia!’

“Patúlka… I would give anything for thoughts to be able to heal. So many of them went to you from everyone that today you would be as healthy as a fish. I couldn’t ask for anything more. Thank you for every moment together. On stage and everywhere else. For your voice, strength, humor and insight. We will miss you so much here.” wrote Lukáš Adam on Instagram, who had the opportunity to meet Patrícia on stage in Ostrava, in the West Side Story museum. After all, he just added a black and white photo of it.

“I couldn’t have written it better,” added a colleague, Alžbeta Bartošová. She alternated with Patrícia in the musical in Ostrava Sweeney Todd.

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Patricia Janečková in Talentmania

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