Patrick Moster is sent home

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EOne day after the derailment of the sports director of the Federation of German Cyclists (BDR), Patrick Moster, the German Olympic Sports Confederation (DOSB) revised its decision and asked the functionary to return home: “The delegation leader of Team D at the Olympic Games in Tokyo has decided that Patrick Moster will no longer perform his duties as part of the cycling team in Team D and will leave for Germany in the near future, ”announced the DOSB on Thursday afternoon, local time in Tokyo.

This decision was preceded by “a detailed consultation of the delegation management and a renewed hearing of the person concerned”, in which both the process and the consequences for Team D were discussed. During the men’s individual time trial on Wednesday, Moster wanted to support the German cyclist Nikias Arndt with racist cheers on the roadside: “Get the camel drivers, get the camel drivers, come on,” he called to Arndt during the race, documented by records.

In front of the Olympian, Eritrean Amanuel Ghebreigzabhier and Algerian Azzedine Lagab were on their way to fight the clock. Moster explained his choice of words with the “current stress and hectic rush”, they should not be an excuse for his dropouts. “I can only apologize for the words”, the 54-year-old had told the sports information service. There should have been no contact with the affected athletes from Algeria and Eritrea before this statement. Nevertheless, the BDR and the DOSB could not bring themselves to withdraw Moster’s accreditation.

“Such words are not acceptable”

According to his own statements, DOSB President Hörmann will have a critical conversation with the sports director of the BDR on Wednesday. Hörmann, who was repeatedly criticized by association presidents at the DOSB for his manners, came to the conclusion that Moster and the team would take “the necessary sensitivity for future competitions” with them from the incident. Moster should therefore have participated in the track cycling competitions as a sports director in a responsible position in the coming week.

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