Paula Rosenberg on the way to politics? “I’ll take the security bag”

Paula Rosenberg on the way to politics?  “I’ll take the security bag”

Paula Rosenberg (screenshot of Keshet 12)

When the streets are burning and the winds are stormy, Paula Rosenberg continues to be a prominent voice in the protest and makes sure to keep updating her tens of thousands of followers on social networks with her opinions which, as always, often provoke charged and heated discussions.

“If there is no choice and you pressure me, I will comply with the request and take over the security portfolio,” Rosenberg opened one of the posts she uploaded today to her Instagram in which she shared with her 79.2 thousand followers sarcastically that she had found the solution to the Iranian threat.

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“The work plan is already ready: a positive body image course for all our enemies, wherever they are,” she wrote as she accompanied the post with her famous cover photo for Galeria magazine (which, as I remember, caused a storm in itself when it was published) with her head replaced by that of Ayatollah Khomeini (who was the political leader of the Islamic Revolution in Iran in 1979).

“The studies already prove it,” she wrote. “Love and self-acceptance prevents hatred of others and a sense of low self-worth that translates into aggressiveness.

I am waiting for a quote from the mouth of Ali Khamenei, the supreme leader: “We are all worthy, we are worth much more than just our bodies or our bombs.” boom!

“Seriously ready to consider the position of minister for self-confidence,” she continued in the cynical tone of her words, “because if the men who lead us are less captive to their fragile egos and prefer true self-confidence, most crises will be resolved,” she wrote. “Most world wars will disappear when they don’t have to prove to everyone that they have a bigger one,” she concluded and added in English the hashtag #smash the patriarchy.

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