Paulo Coelho regrets voting for Lula: ‘Mandate is pathetic’

Paulo Coelho regrets voting for Lula: ‘Mandate is pathetic’
Reproduction: social networks – 03/26/2023

Lula and Paulo Coelho

The writer Paulo Coelho
said this Sunday (26) that he regrets having supported President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in the last few elections
. The Brazilian lyricist listed criticism of the PT on social networks.

“Decades supporting Lula
I notice that your new mandate
it is pathetic
”, said Coelho.

The writer also criticized a statement given by the president last Thursday (23), in which he accuses Senator Sergio Moro (União Brasil) of having devised a plan with a criminal faction that intended to kill the parliamentarian.

“Falling into the trap of disqualified ex-judge, inability to solve BC problem, etc. I shouldn’t have joined the campaign. I lost readers (it’s part of it) but I don’t see my vote being worth it”, concluded the writer.

“I think it’s another set up by Moro. I want to be cautious, it is visible that it is a frame by Moro. I’m going to research, I’m going to find out”, Lula said on Thursday. And he continued: “I’m not going to attack anyone without having proof, and if it’s just another set-up, he’ll be even more unmasked. I don’t know what you’re going to do with your life if you keep lying the way you’re lying.”

Moro countered the Chief Executive’s statement and asked if the representative “has no decency” or “shame”. The former Minister of Justice in the Bolsonaro government said that the president laughed at his family and lied to the Brazilian population.

“So I want to ask the President of the Republic: do you have no decency? Aren’t you ashamed of this behavior of yours? Don’t you respect the liturgy of office? Don’t you respect the suffering of an innocent family? You do not respect the fight that the agents of the law, and here I include myself, as a former minister of justice and, before that, a judge, the fight that we did against organized crime ”, questioned Moro, in an interview with CNN Brasil.

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