Pd, Marcucci makes his current. “Enough with the DS, let’s look to the future”

Pd, Marcucci makes his current. “Enough with the DS, let’s look to the future”

The Democratic Party is undergoing a process of transformation. The arrival of Enrico Letta as secretary is moving the ideology of the dem more and more to the left. This thing, combined with the decision to change the group leaders, by casting two women, has mixed the cards a bit in the various currents. After the moves of Goffredo Bettini, former Gypsy and now very close to the leader of the M5s Conte, determined to give birth to a new political group within the Democratic Party, close to the former prime minister and also supported by D’Alema. Here is Andrea Marcucci’s turn. The former leader of the Senate – we read in the press – would be thinking of a new current, to bring the dem more towards the center.

There would already have been a first meeting with 15 former Renzians. They are the hardest of the Base-Riformista, the current led by Guerini. A liberal-reformist think tank is born. They want to take Renzi’s baton, convinced that he will leave politics. “My goal is to strengthen the Democratic Party and specifically strengthen the Reformist Base area, so I think we need a liberal think tank to develop innovative proposals for Italy. In the Democratic Party there is a very strong area that looks mainly to the left , we need an increasingly inclusive reformist area that is equally strong. Those who think of returning to the DS, think only of the past “.


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