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Rome, March 4 (

I know 2020 was a record year for the Pec “with 12,340,211 boxes activated and over 408 million messages exchanged – according to Agid data – in the last two months of the year alone “, for this reason it becomes strategic” the interoperability of the Pec at a European level which will guarantee users certified and secure communications in the future even outside the Italy “. To underline this is Marco Mangiulli, Head of Information Technology and Aruba Software Development Manager, which thus intervenes on the work table between Agid and Assocertificators from which the new developments of the Pec have emerged, which is about to open up to an exchange with the rest of the EU countries. The Aruba manager reports that “the world of Trust Services is at a turning point: in fact, the realization of the first scheme has been announced interoperable of qualified eDelivery (Etsi En 319 532-41) with the aim of making Certified Electronic Mail (Pec) compliant with the eIdas2 regulation and interoperable at European level, therefore able to meet the criteria defined by the Etsi-European Telecommunications Standards Institute, the international body responsible for establishing technical standards in the telecommunications sector “.” This important result – achieved thanks to an effective collaboration between Agid, the Agency for Digital Italy, and Certified Electronic Mail Managers – actually lays the foundations – Mangiulli argues again – for the creation of a technological standard that will allow the Pec to be interoperable at a European level “. In practice, explains Mangiulli,” the Pec, therefore, is ready to cross national borders “.

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“It is important to underline – continues Mangiulli – what are the advantages that this implementation will bring to the end user. First of all, that relating to European interoperability: the model developed makes it possible to dialogue between qualified certified delivery systems that adopt the Rem3 standard thanks to the definition of a basic interoperability profile and the specification of the key elements of the so-called ‘Common Service Interface’, the shared infrastructure which makes delivery possible in multi-provider and cross-border scenarios. The new service will guarantee the certain identification of senders and recipients, the integrity of the content of the communications, the opposition to third parties of the date-time of sending and of the sending-receiving of the messages “.” In addition to the definition of the basic profile of interoperability and Common Service Interface, the technical table – continues Mangiulli – is concentrated on a fundamental characteristic for a qualified delivery system, which is represented by the presence of a certain temporal reference that can be opposed to third parties relating to each communication. Thanks to the proposals made by the working group, and implemented by Etsi standards, the procedures for identifying in a clear and unambiguous way the date / time relating to the sending and receiving events of the certified communications have been defined “.”This is an extremely important aspect – observes the Aruban manager especially in cases of use such as tenders, tenders and competitions and in general initiatives where deadlines are a fundamental criterion for joining or assigning projects, prizes and the like “.

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“With particular pride – Margiulli observes – we can say that, in this process of approval of the new standard, the contribution of Italy and the experience acquired thanks to the success of Certified Electronic Mail was essential, testified by the official numbers of Agid: 2020 was a record year for the Pec with 12,340,211 mailboxes activated and over 408 million messages exchanged in the last two months of the year alone “. “The Pec – then says the Head of Information Technology and Head of Software Development of Aruba – it will become to all intents and purposes a qualified certified delivery system usable in Europe: this goal will allow all users to use their own certified e-mail address also for communications to users, institutions and European companies, maintaining the legal value and security that have always distinguished the Pec tool “. The first interoperable scheme of Qualified European eDelivery is a project conceived and proposed by Agid-Agency for Digital Italy – e AssoCertificatori, Association of Digital Signature Certifiers and the Certified Email Managers of which Aruba is a part.


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