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The singer and composer Yosef Kardoner in a new performance from the project “Thirst” of the “Hymn of the Redemption”

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  • 11. Kislo Tashpag – 13:14 05/12/2022

19 Kislu, “The Holiday of Redemption”, marks the release of the old rebbe, Rabbi Shneur-Zalman Maladi from the Russian prison, in 1898.

He was the leader of Hassidism in the regions of Russia and Lithuania, founded Chabad Hassidism and published the Sefer HaTanya. Then, following a serious plot, which accused him of rebellion against the government, he was arrested and taken in a black cart, reserved for rebels in the kingdom, to the fortified prison in the capital city at that time, Petersburg.

For fifty-three days the Rebbe sat in prison, with his life in danger. He was interrogated at length, and gave convincing answers to all the allegations made against him. BT in Kislu the authorities informed him that he was going free, and thus this day became the ‘holiday of redemption’.

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Rabbi Shneor-Zalman did not see his imprisonment as a private-personal matter, but as a catastrophe that arose in heaven for the spread of Hasidism. His release was considered a green light given above for the continuation of the spread of Hasidism, in the explained and expanded way of Chabad Hasidism. In the letter that Rabbi Shneor-Zalman sent after his release, he wrote that he received the good news of release at the exact moment he read in the Book of Psalms (chapter 9) the verse “Peda Be Shalom Nefshi” Following this, the followers composed the verses of the Psalms from “Peda Be Shalom Nefshi” to the end of the chapter, and made it the official anthem of the holiday.

Listen to the singer and composer Yosef Kardoner perform “Peda Be Shalom Nefshi”:

The song is produced as part of ‘Thirst’ – a musical venture that renews ancient Hasidic tunes and makes them part of the Israeli soundtrack for all of us.

Words (Psalms Na): Redeem in peace my soul from near me, for many were my pillars. God will hear and be satisfied and sit before a basket that has no clothes for him and does not fear God. He sent his hands in peace, he broke his covenant. Their mouths were divided, and near his heart, his words were soft with oil, and there were openings. Cast it on God, he will love you and he will destroy you, he will never give a rod to the righteous. And you, God, bring them down to the well of the destruction of blood and deceit, and they will not cross their days, and I will trust in you.


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