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Actress Chanthini made her debut opposite Shantanu in the film ‘Sithu +2’. After that, Chandini has acted in films like ‘Billa Pandi’, ‘Vil Ambu’, ‘Kattappava Kanom’, ‘Mannar Pupiyara’ and ‘Raja Rangooski’. Actress Chandini and choreographer Nanda were in love for a long time. Choreographer Nanda has worked as a choreographer in Tamil films like ‘Irumbuthirai’, ‘Vil Ambu’, ‘Pyaar Prema Kadhal’.

Both Chandini and Nanda have been in love for 9 years. Actress Chandini has also said that she will continue acting in films even after marriage.

After marriage, he is charming people by showing generous charisma. Chandini, who is currently acting in a serial, is now thinking about the ocean waves, and some of her photos have been published on the internet and are going viral.

The fans who have seen this have been commenting on Ammani’s beauty as “Beechula Pichu Pinni Phethutdanke..”


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