Pellegrini qualified for the fifth Olympics: “I cry with emotion”

Federica Pellegrini qualifies for the Tokyo 2021 Olympics and will participate in the Games for the fifth time in her career. “I cry with excitement,” he said after taking off his pass for his fifth Olympics qualifying in the 200 freestyle. At the swimming absolute in Riccione, the Italian champion won the final of the 200 with a time of 1’56 ” 69.

“It was not easy months, swimming this time was not so easy, there was a lot of work to do, there was doubt, a lot of anger for that tenth of yesterday. But in the end today this pass has arrived and it is even better because it was my race “, explains Pellegrini to Rai Sport microphones.

“I’m also happy with the weather, everything, we are in line with all the other Italian championships made in recent years. You can breathe better”, concludes the Italian champion who raised her hand in the pool showing a nice five like the Olympics in which is qualified.

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