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Date of Registration: Aug 10,2022


Madurai: The Madurai branch of the High Court imposed a fine of Rs.5000 on the managing director of the Kumbakonam State Transport Corporation and ordered it to be paid to the Chief Minister’s Relief Fund. He was issued 2 charge memos by the Transport Corporation in 2021. He explained. The General Manager of Kumbakonam Transport Corporation ordered him to postpone the salary hike for three months.

Kridharan appealed against this to the Managing Director. He rejected it. Against this, Kridharan filed a petition in the High Court. The High Court directed the petition to be sent back to the Managing Director for fresh consideration. The Managing Director rejected the petition. Kritharan filed a petition in the High Court against this. Justice B. Pugahendi inquired. Transport Corporation side: We agree that this court sent the petition back to the Director of Management to reconsider and issue a fair order. The administration misconstrued the purpose for which the case was sent back and issued the order. It said that the Managing Director has unconditionally regretted his mistake and filed a reply. Judge: Without considering the direction of this court, the Managing Director has again issued the same order without giving reasons for rejecting the appeal.

He has filed a reply stating that he misunderstood the earlier order of this court and expressed unconditional regret for not implementing it. The management has decided to withdraw the two orders issued and after questioning the petitioner has proposed to issue fresh orders. The way the managing director has handled the issue is not proper and satisfactory. He shall pay Rs.5000 to the Chief Minister’s General Relief Fund. Rejected orders are cancelled. The Managing Director shall consider the petitioner’s appeal within 2 weeks and issue an order. He said that the report on the execution of the order should be filed on September 8.

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