Pensions, in 2022 the increase: this is how much the adjustment amounts to

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Pensions, the increase in 2022 based on inflation

With the new year, 2022, there will be the long-awaited adjustment from the pensions in base al cost of living of social security and welfare treatments. This is what is stated in the decree of Mef published in the Official Gazette on 17 November. The change takes place annually and mainly takes into account the cost of expenses that retirees have to meet without losing their purchasing power.

As he writes Here Finance, the last renewal of the transitional regulations introduced with the Fornero reform which downsized the revaluation with five revaluation bands, which rose to six in the last two years.

Pensions news 2022 / Adjustments to allowances

Thanks to the expiry of the transitional discipline from 2022, theadjustment to inflation will return to follow the old rules with a classic calculation of three equalization bands.

Adjustment to 100% for pensions up to four times the minimum rate.

Adjustment to 90% for pensions between four and five times the minimum rate.

Adjustment to 75% for pensions of more than five times the minimum pension.

Minimum pension a 515,58 euro.

100% adjustment up to 2,062.32.

90% adjustment from 2,062.33 to 2,577.9.

Adjustment of 75% over 2,578.

Pensions and revaluations, how the calculation is done

For the year 2021 the equalization of pensions is determined in an amount equal to 1,7% from 1 January 2022, except for an adjustment to be made for the following year. How much extra money is owed to a pensioner? 100%, 90% or 75% of 1.7% of the total amount must be calculated.


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