Pensions: Laurent Berger calls for “mediation”, the government refuses

Pensions: Laurent Berger calls for “mediation”, the government refuses

How to “find a way out” of the social crisis? The number one of the CFDT Laurent Berger asked the executive on Tuesday to set up a “mediation”, while opponents of the pension reform are demonstrating again on Tuesday.

“We must be able to put forward our ideas in a peaceful and democratic way,” he believes. “We must put the reform on hold,” he repeats. We take a month and a half and we do mediation. And we look at what there may or may not be a compromise. »

Laurent Berger finds it difficult to move forward on the challenges to come in the world of work with a “resentment which is enormous today and which will remain so if this law is promulgated as it stands”.

A little later, Philippe Martinez announced that the inter-union was going to write to Emmanuel Macron a proposal to resolve the social conflict.

“Given the mobilization which does not weaken, we have once again proposed to the government and especially to the President of the Republic to suspend his project and to appoint a mediation”, indicated the boss of the CGT.

“The Prime Minister is at the disposal of the unions”

“We don’t need mediation to talk to each other, we can talk to each other directly”, retorted Olivier Véran at the end of the Council of Ministers.

“The Prime Minister is at the disposal of the unions,” insists the government spokesperson, implying that the Head of State will not receive them.

The MoDem deputies, members of the presidential majority, for their part, said they were in favor of this idea. “It’s good to have one or two people to try to find the dialogue and have a certain distance”, underlined the president of the centrist group Jean-Paul Mattei, during a press point at the Assembly.

“Take a month, a month and a half”

Laurent Berger is betting on social compromise, while other unions are in favor of the outright withdrawal of the text. “There was no social compromise on this reform, there was a political compromise which made a splash”, analyzes Laurent Berger.

“You have to take a month, a month and a half, to ask one, two, three people to mediate,” said Laurent Berger on France Inter, calling for a “gesture of appeasement to find a way out. “.

“It goes through an announcement,” believes Laurent Berger, the general secretary of the CFDT in a nod to the executive. “We must pause the 64-year-old measure,” he said on France Inter.


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