Pensions: Laurent Berger calls on the president to “withdraw the text before the disaster”

Pensions: Laurent Berger calls on the president to “withdraw the text before the disaster”

He warns against the risks linked to the social conflict over the pension reform. The secretary general of the CFDT, Laurent Berger, declared Sunday, in an interview with C politique, on France 5, that “we must find the exit door”.

Several dangers are taking shape, according to him. The first, immediate, is that of violence due to social mobilization. The second, over time, is that of the accession of the National Rally (RN) to power. “You have to find the exit door, the last one before the disaster. This text must be removed, ”he advises. “We held demonstrations that were super clean (Editor’s note: very clean, without serious incidents) with extremely large numbers. We see well (Editor’s note: since the use of 49.3) that the temptation of violence, radicalism, politicization of this social conflict is very present. »

He insists: “The only reasonable way of passage, the only way, is to withdraw this text before the disaster”. He suggests setting up a “social conference” to talk about “public deficits” and “developments in work”.

“Several ingredients for a rise in the National Rally are gathered today,” he adds, projecting himself on the long-term consequences of the current situation. In Liberation, the boss of the CFDT evokes the risk of a “political outlet that we do not want”. “The RN surfs on social resentment and the lack of listening. This explosive cocktail is here. There is still time to orient this five-year term differently. But for that, it is necessary to withdraw this text and put an end to this crisis. »

He also recalls having “said in the fall that the government was wrong to seek a political compromise on this issue when it was necessary to build a social compromise”. “The triggering of 49.3 is also the demonstration that there is no political majority to pass this reform”, he analyzes.

“Now, the role of trade unions is to organize the mobilization of this anger to channel it. Not to suggest that all this will feed something else. “Deploring the attitude of the executive power, he warns that” we will be responsible for two. So if the solution to be heard is to set fire to the Champs-Elysées or elsewhere, it will be without us. And not only without the CFDT…”


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