Pensions: the RN, the deputies Nupes and Élisabeth Borne have seized the Constitutional Council

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As they had announced, deputies from the Nupes, the National Rally and Prime Minister Élisabeth Borne seized the Constitutional Council on Tuesday so that the Elders decide on the constitutionality of the pension reform.

The two opposition parties had announced Monday their intention to seize the instance in order to invalidate the reform, after having failed in their attempt to bring down the government, via two motions of censure. In the process, the head of the executive had also announced that she would seize “directly the Constitutional Council” for an examination of the text “as soon as possible”.

150 Nupe deputies called on the Elders to censor “the entire text of the law”. “An unfair and unjustified measure, the postponement of the retirement age to 64 disregards the constitutional principles which protect our model of national solidarity”, they wrote in particular to the body. In addition, according to them, the reform did “not fall within the scope of an amending financing law” of Social Security. Left-wing senators must file their own appeal.

An “unjust and brutal” reform

In the morning, the RN had presented its own appeal to the Constitutional Council. Laure Lavalette and Thomas Ménagé, spokespersons, denounced an “unfair, brutal reform, which will penalize French pensioners”. The appeal also targets the choice of the “legislative vehicle”, an amending budget for the Secu for 2023, “since there is no impact on the current budget”, estimated Thomas Ménagé. He also pointed to “the sincerity of the debates”, according to him altered by “the abuse of the right of amendment on the part of the Nupes which prevented us from having a vote”.

“The objective is to defeat the government on this text and therefore we use all the means in our power”, insisted Laure Lavalette. If ever this should not succeed, “there remains 2027 where Marine Le Pen said she would unravel” the reform in the event of accession to the Elysée.

The Elders were also asked to decide on the compliance of the text with the Constitution by the Prime Minister on Tuesday. This time in order to confirm its validity.

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