people acquitted after hatred and insults to the police on Facebook

Insult the fighters and therefore also the other police forces on social it is not a crime. It is not a ration to write about Facebook “I would break his face” or wish for “a punitive expedition to the house” against municipal police officers. It will also be “ethically reprehensible” but in the end it is not a crime.

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Social insults to the brigade, the case of Turin

In fact, for this reason, an investigation against it was filed in Turin 73 people who, on social networks, had left messages and insults against the police. In the specific case, these are comments under the post of a lawyer who said he was the victim of an injustice perpetrated by the traffic police. The investigating judge accepted the request of the prosecutor, fully accepting the considerations, and closed the case.

According to the Turin prosecutor (and the judge who agreed) some comments have “despicable but not defamatory content”. Others are “harbingers of violent and uncivilized messages” but do not even constitute the crime of incitement to commit a crime. Writing “I would beat them with holy reason” is “contrary to the most elementary values ​​of a democratic and civil society. But “it does not have the specific connotations of materiality and offensiveness” necessary to “have recourse to the instrument of criminal justice”.

Social insults to the police, what the judges say

The magistrates observed that the episode reported by the lawyer, who in a post on Facebook claimed, in 2018, that he had undergone a “punitive expedition” in relation to a check on his moped, was “suitable” to unleash judges who , in the case of 16 Internet users, they re-entered the “Right to criticize”, given that “all citizens have an interest in the correct performance of the functions of agents”.

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The complaint it had been presented by the then commander of the municipal police, Emiliano Bezzon, but the magistrates pointed out that, in many cases, the comments referred to the members of the patrol and not to the whole Corps. There are also comments that appear to be attributable to the “right to satire”. Speaking of “small pea syndrome”, according to the robes, is just “sarcasm”.

Green light to insult the fighters on social networks?

A case, that of Turin, which now risks creating a truly unpleasant precedent. Without a punishment, a fine, a penalty of some kind, anyone can be free to insult and threaten the fighters on Facebook and all the various social channels. They will also be virtual insults but there is the crime of “offending a public official”, what changes if done in person or through the keyboard of a computer or a mobile phone? At least a fine would have prevented certain incidents from occurring again.


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