People in trouble due to obstruction of traffic on Kariyapatti union office road in encroachment

Kariyapatti–The encroachment on the Kariyapatti Union Office Road is disrupting traffic, so people expect action to be taken to remove the encroachment.

Kariyapatti has various offices like union office, farmers market, MLA office, highway department office, passenger hostel located near the bus stand. There is a 50 feet wide road leading to the offices adjacent to the bus stand. In this case, hundreds of people visit the Panchayat Union office every day.

M.L. A., Party members come to the office from time to time in cars. Farmers market has a large number of customers, highways, tourist accommodation etc. And people are using this road to go to Achampatti area. Due to this, there is always a lot of traffic on this road.

As many people park their two-wheelers on this road like a vehicle stand and go to the suburbs, the commercial complex shopkeepers who have rotora vegetable stalls occupy half of the road. As a result, the 50-feet road has become a 10-feet road, which is causing severe pressure on the traffic.

Due to this people are struggling to cross this road. Already there were problems like this and they disposed of the existing Rotora shops here. Commercial premises have not been cleared of encroachments.

After that they are competing and occupying the road again and causing severe traffic crisis.

So people want the authorities to take action to remove the encroachments completely and make the traffic problem free.

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