People No Need to Panic about Omicronvirus says TN Health Minister Ma Subramanian || Omicron Virus: The public need not fear

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Minister Ma Subramaniam has said that there is no need for the public to be afraid of the Omicron virus.

Record: December 02, 2021 21:22


The Union Ministry of Health today said that two people from South Africa who came to Karnataka have been diagnosed with omega-3 corona.

As a result, every state government is stepping up precautionary measures as it has been reported that the omega-3 virus can spread 5 times faster than other mutated corona viruses.

In this situation, there is no case of Omicron Corona virus in Tamil Nadu so far, said the State Health Minister Ma Subramanian.

Minister Ma Subramaniam who met reporters in Trichy today said that there is no omega virus in Tamil Nadu so far. We need not fear when there is an omega-3 infection in Karnataka.

The RTPCR test is mandatory for people from 11 countries, including Israel. If a corona infection is confirmed they will be sent to the hospital. Authorities have been instructed to conduct a free RTPCR test for those who are unable to pay.

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