‘People talk according to their status’: Anupam Kher on Prakash Raj

KActor Anupam Kher reacted to the statement made by actor Prakash Raj regarding Shmeer Files movie. The actor said that people talk according to their status and some people have to live with lies for the rest of their lives. Prakash Raj’s statement was that Kashmir Files is an absurd film.

‘People talk according to their status. Some people have to live with a lie for the rest of their lives. While others will tell the truth. I am one of those people who always told the truth in life. Anupam Kher says that if someone is living a lie, that is their wish. The actor’s response was to Navbharat Times.

Prakash Raj came to the stage against Kashmir Files while speaking at the ‘Ka’ festival. “Kashmir Files is an absurd film. We all know who made it. The international jury spat on it. Even then they have no shame. Its director still says, ‘Why didn’t I get an Oscar?’ He didn’t even get a Bhaskar,” the actor said.

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Later, the film’s director Vivek Agnihotri also came with a response. The director replied, “Kashmir Files as a people’s film has been giving sleepless nights to urban Naxals and their captors for over a year. Its viewers are called barking dogs. Mr. Andhakar Raj (referring to Prakash Raj) How can I get ‘Bhaskar’. She and he are all yours.”

Last Updated Feb 18, 2023, 9:16 PM IST

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