In one week, the life of a beggar in India was turned upside down.

Kedareshwar Rao (55) hails from Neethi village in Andhra Pradesh. He passed the Teachers’ Examination in 1998. However, some have appealed to the courts against this. Thus, none of the nominees that year were able to become public school teachers.

This case has been going on for so many years. Following this, Kedareshwar Rao went from town to town on a bicycle and started selling clothes. Poverty plagued him. He does not even have the right clothes to wear.

No one came forward to buy clothes looking at her condition. The parents are dead. So he became an orphan. He has nothing but the dilapidated house where he lives.

Survived begging for a few days. In this context, the court recently ordered that all those who passed the 1998 Government Teachers’ Examination be appointed as Government Teachers.

Accordingly, the appointment order for Kedareshwar Rao also came looking for a house. Kedareshwar Rao was surprised and delighted to see this. He had never seen anything other than hardship all his life, and for the first time he shed tears of joy at first when he learned that the day of the fulfillment of his dream had come.

People who throw their heads in celebration until they are beggars!  Life changed in a single week

At present, Kedareshwar Rao has been given the job of a government teacher and the village of justice where he lives is happy. Kedareshwar Rao was often teased by the youth of the village as a master because he often said that he would become a master someday.

The young people of the village say with amazement that this is now a reality.

The villagers, who had not seen him till last Sunday, are now bearing Kedareshwar Rao as bearer, bearer.

People who throw their heads in celebration until they are beggars!  Life changed in a single week

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