People’s work … Birthday gift for me! – At the request of Udayanidhi Stalin

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Avoid luxuries such as placing flex banners and exploding fireworks. Udayanidhi Stalin said on his Twitter page that he kindly requested you to use the extra cost for such luxury arrangements for welfare assistance.

In a post on Twitter, Udayanidhi Stalin praised the Hon’ble Chief Minister for seeing the impact of the Northeast monsoon in person, meeting the people, listening to their grievances, consulting the authorities immediately and providing much needed relief to the victims. I know that the Hon’ble Chief Minister, in his way, the ministerial dignitaries, the union executives including the district union secretaries and the youth brothers are working in the field.

This fieldwork of yours is also an important reason why there is no greater impact of more rain than in 2015. In that regard I have been helping to meet the people affected by the heavy rains in person in my Chepauk-Tiruvallikeni constituency and around Chennai.

In an environment where people are recovering with the help of the federal government from a series of impacts such as the corona epidemic and heavy rains, my birthday celebrations should be more about helping the affected people and not about turning their faces away. Therefore, at birthday parties, you should avoid the luxury of setting off fireworks and placards. I kindly request you to use the extra cost welfare assistance which is for such luxury arrangements. I could not have been happier if my birthday parties were set up to benefit people like this.

I warmly request that the brothers and sisters of the organization continue to work in the field in providing relief assistance to the people and repairing the damage in the rescue operations as the Northeast monsoon is expected to continue. Heartfelt thanks to all the loving souls who wished me a happy birthday, ”he said.

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