Per capita GDP, South Tyrol above the European average –

BRUSSELS. The Autonomous Province of Bolzano is the Italian territory with the highest GDP per capita, equal to 155% of the European average in 2019. This was revealed by Eurostat, which published the data for 2019.

The statistics highlight the enormous disparities between the various regions into which the EU is divided, whose per capita GDP ranges, compared to the average, from 32% in the North-West of Bulgaria and the French island of Mayotte to 260% of Luxembourg.

103 regions have a GDP higher than the EU average of 31,200 euros per capita. Among them, 11 are Italian: after Bolzano, Lombardy (127%), Valle d’Aosta and the Autonomous Province of Trento (both 125%), Emilia-Romagna (118%), Lazio (110%) , Veneto (108%), Liguria (104%), Friuli-Venezia Giulia and Tuscany (both 103%) and Piedmont (102%).

At the other end of the ranking there are Calabria (56%), Sicily (58%), Campania (61%) and Puglia (62%), which belong to the group of European regions with a per capita GDP below the EU average.


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