Perfect cocktail gin for the anniversary

ZFor the anniversary, Myriam Hendrickx thought of something special: she gave one of her distillates a new bottle, a different recipe and a new name. The Rutte & ZN distillery, founded in 1872 in Dordrecht near Rotterdam in the Netherlands, is celebrating its 150th anniversary. And the Dutch Dry Gin in the light green art deco bottle is, so to speak, the blonde winemaker’s birthday present to her customers and fans.

Traditional and innovative

Without Myriam Hendrickx, Rutte might not even be here anymore. Or at least not where the genever and gin manufactory is today, as one of the most traditional and at the same time most innovative producers of juniper brandies. The food technician, who returned to her homeland after years as a salsa dancer and teacher in Cuba and succeeded the last Rutte heir as master distiller in 2003, made the small distillery well-known on the international bar scene – and didn’t make it through either discouraged the sale of the house to major competitor De Kuyper in 2011. The group lets the Rutte company thrive under its roof and Hendrickx more or less free reign in the basement of the old Rutte house in Dordrecht’s market square. And De Kuyper offers her new opportunities with its large distribution network. In the meantime, it is no longer a problem in this country to get their famous “Old Simon” genever, which gets a soft and complex nuttiness from roasted hazelnuts and walnuts and is one of the best there is in the world of juniper brandies.

Hendrickx also caused a sensation with their no less amazing “Celery Gin” – and this is now also the basis for the Dutch Dry Gin for the anniversary. Celery leaves in combination with juniper, coriander, angelica, orange peel and cardamom also give it a crisp, fresh taste and a green-spicy note, which makes it the ideal cocktail gin. It is available for 26.90 euros per 0.7 liter bottle in specialist shops and online, for example, and


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