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With the permission of the Department of Health, permission has been granted by the Valvettithurai Municipal Council, M.K. Provided to Shivajilingam.

Permission has been granted to hold a hero’s event at the Thiruvil Stadium following a special session of the Valvettithurai Municipal Council held today.

Jaffna. At the press conference, with the permission of the Department of Health at the press conference held last Tuesday, we are making arrangements to hold commemorative events on November 27th from 8am to 8pm.

“In particular, political activists and political representatives must not be silent and must come forward to pay their respects in public places and temples.

MK Sivajilingam said, “No one can stop the commemoration of heroes without displaying prohibited commemorative objects. It is our duty to commemorate the heroes on November 27th.”

However, the police had informed the Valvettithurai Municipal Councilor not to provide the stadium in Thiruvil.

In this context, the Valvettithurai Municipal Council M.K. Provided to Shivajilingam.


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