Personal status for non-Muslims in laws relating to marriage and divorce; UAE with an important move

UAE announces personal rules for non-Muslim expatriates living in the country. Laws have been promulgated giving personal status to matters such as marriage, divorce, succession, custody of children, etc. The new personal laws allow for the formalization of marriage agreements before the courts and the adjudication of divorces. (UAE announces personal status federal decree-law for non-Muslims in country)

Courts will judge post-divorce financial transactions, child custody agreements, etc. according to international standards. It is suggested that the legal system is being raised to an international level to attract talent from around the world to the UAE.

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2021 The law implemented in the Emirate of Abu Dhabi has been decided to be implemented in the UAE from February. Legal expert Dr. Khaleej Times reports quoting Hassan Elhais.

Story Highlights: UAE announces personal status federal decree-law for non-Muslims in country

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