Peru, Castillo towards the presidency. Fujimori detached by just 60,000 votes

Peru is about to know the name of its next president. The elections did not deliver a clear verdict, but for a handful of votes Pedro Castillo should have won it, a high school teacher who has never held public office and left presidential candidate in Peru, would have beaten right-wing challenger Keiko Fujimori. According to the latest data from the Peruvian electoral authority Onpe, Castillo would have obtained 50.179% of the votes against 49.821% of the challenger: to separate the two candidates less than 63,000 votes. The turnout in the presidential elections was just over 74%.

But his rival, the daughter of the former President (and later dictator) of Peru from July 28, 1990 to November 17, 2000 is at the center of a judicial investigation and Peru’s chief prosecutor Jose Domingo Perez has called for the arrest of the Presidential candidate Keiko Fujimori in connection with the corruption case she is investigating. According to the Andina state news agency, Perez accused Fujimori of violating ‘the rule of conduct’ which prohibits her from communicating with witnesses in the case.

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