Peru, now shaken by a scandal in the leadership of the Police named by the coup leader Castillo

Peru, now shaken by a scandal in the leadership of the Police named by the coup leader Castillo

In the midst of several investigations related to characters close to the coup Pedro Castilloin pretrial detention for his attempted coup and corruption, the Special Team of Prosecutors against Power Corruption searched the general’s house last Monday Raul Alfaro AlvaradoGeneral Commander of the Peruvian Police, in addition to his offices in the Ministry of the Interior.

This fiscal operation was carried out one day after the dissemination of a journalistic report pointing out Alfaro’s close relationship with Jorge Ernesto Hernández Fernández, nicknamed “El español”, and accused of being part of an espionage network promoted during the Castillo government. . Both are being investigated for criminal organization and other crimes along with other collaborators close to the former coup president, such as the former police chief, Alberto Vera.

This Wednesday, the newspaper El Comercio reveals that the tax investigations indicate that in June 2022, Dimitri Senmache, former Minister of the Interior, the Commander General of the PNP, General Luis Vera Llerena, and “El Español” “decided to relocate the high police officers”, which was confirmed on June 11, 2022 in the official newspaper El Peruano.

These relations between Hernández Fernández and the former police chief have been shown through some chats made public in the media that clearly show the coordination between the two for the change and the appointment of characters linked to Castillo in key positions in the Police.

After what happened, the government of President Dina Boluarte dismissed Alfaro and appointed General Jorge Luis Angulo Tejada. The published norm indicates that Alfaro faces a conflict of interest incompatible with the exercise of command in the National Police of Peru (PNP) and “taking into account the existence of an evident conflict of interest and incompatibility in the exercise of the position (… .) it is necessary to conclude the designation” to “safeguard the institutionality” of the National Police.


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