Pescara towards the reduced nightlife: a new squeeze on the premises is coming – Pescara

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PESCARA. The Municipality of Pescara ready for a new tightening on the closing times of the premises in view of the summer season. Although the white zone (in force in Abruzzo since Monday 7 June) does not currently provide for a curfew, the mayor Carlo Masci is preparing to sign a new ordinance, along the lines of that of last summer, to impose restrictions not only in the hot areas of the nightlife, but throughout the territory of the Adriatic city.

The hypothesis, communicated by the mayor to the traders during a meeting, provides for the obligation to close all activities from the center to the seafront at midnight and a half on weekdays (from Sunday to Thursday) and at 1.30 in the weekend (Friday and Saturday). A decision made to avoid a new tail of contagions with the summer. The provision will most likely be signed on Monday and should be applied to all businesses such as bars, pubs, restaurants, pizzerias, etc. Immediate criticism from trade associations, bent by months of restrictions and forced closures due to the health emergency.

Confartigianato Imprese Pescara baton the measure as “a new and absurd curfew” and as “a crazy choice in this economic moment, for which the municipal administration will have to take responsibility” by announcing a new mobilization. “In a dramatic context – explains Confartigianato – every euro lost can mean the closure of a commercial activity, layoffs and families without income. But it seems that all this does not interest the administrators. The only priority should be the relaunch of the economy. and instead that same economy is penalized at the beginning of the tourist season. Alongside the operators, we announce our mobilization: we will demonstrate against this madness and we will evaluate every possible action to protect the operators “.

The Confartigianato proposal, illustrated in the meeting with the mayor Masci, provides for the closing of the premises at 2 every day and throughout the summer. “With these times – say the director of Confartigianato Pescara, Fabrizio Vianale, the president Giancarlo Di Blasio, the vice president Barbara Lunelli and the referent of the food and beverage district of the square
Muzii, Mario Palladinetti – users will be forced to choose between dinner and after dinner, because these
conditions it becomes impossible to do both. The Government declares us a white zone without foreseeing
time limitations or further restrictions, the governor Marco Marsilio invites us to nourish the right optimism
necessary to relaunch the economy ‘, but in Pescara we are moving towards a totally contrary measure “.
“From the municipal administration – add the representatives of the association – we would be there
expect more courageous and far-sighted choices. A handful of residents annoyed by anthropogenic noises, supported by politics for mere electoral purposes, effectively prevents economic recovery and tourism development
of the city, appreciated throughout Italy for its liveliness. Well aware of how, that of the residents, is
a long-standing issue and the need to find a solution, we had asked to postpone until the end
the discussion on the topic was held during the summer to allow operators to work at their best during the summer and get back on their feet “.” Let’s not forget that the refreshments were negligible and for some they represented only crumbs.
Those who have reopened in recent weeks have done so with their own resources. And at this point there is no question
health care that takes: the Pescarese is today among the best provinces of Italy for the weekly incidence of infections
and Pescara is among the best large cities in the country. We are tired of this attitude. First the hardest ones
measures imposed at central level – conclude Vianale, Di Blasio, Lunelli and Palladinetti – now that the Government
we are declared a white zone by the municipal restrictions. We will fight, as always, to guarantee the right
of merchants to work “.

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