Peskov doubted the illness of the journalist who reported the temperature after Putin’s press conference

Presidential press secretary Dmitry Peskov commented on the incident with journalist Anna Shishmintseva from the Kurgan newspaper “Region 45”, who after the Big Conference of Vladimir Putin announced her high temperature, as well as that she attended an event on expired PCR tests. We will remind, shortly after these statements, she removed the publication and said that she was joking.

Mr. Peskov explained the words of the journalist by “emotional incontinence.” According to him, admission to the presidential conference was organized very strictly, it was a system of three PCR tests.

“You know that the journalists, firstly, passed not one, but three PCR tests according to a certain scheme,” the president’s press secretary told journalists during a press call. “Most likely, this is some kind of … emotional incontinence, which in fact has nothing to do with reality. We do not think that she could have had a temperature, all the more. ” There was “a pretty tough test,” he added.

The big conference of Vladimir Putin took place yesterday, December 23. Upon its completion, Anna Shishmintseva said: “The first thing that makes me wildly funny is that they let me into the Manezh with the wrong dates for PCR tests (ATP for inattention).” Later, the journalist deleted all the messages, and the next day she wrote down new ones, in which she explained that it was a joke, and her temperature rose “from excitement and lack of sleep.” She added that she is healthy and now her temperature is 36.5, and she went to the Manezh according to all the necessary antiquarian certificates.

How the president’s annual press conference went – in the material of Kommersant, “Russia is great, but there is nothing to tell.”



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