Petro Government official must pay a fine and house arrest, why?

Petro Government official must pay a fine and house arrest, why?

2023-05-30 19:02:48

The High Councilor for Youth, Gabriela Posso Restrepo, You will have to pay a fine of five minimum wages and a five-day house arrest after failing to comply with a sanction imposed by the Third Civil Court of Ibagué.

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The official, who at 26 years of age is one of the youngest faces of the Government, was in contempt after the court required him to retract certain accusations and she did not do it in the terms dictated by the Law.

According to the guardian, Posso wrote through his Twitter account that students from the University of Tolima were victims of “harassment and persecution” by the General Secretariat of the institution and, in addition to that, he tweeted that the “Sensitive information from 200 students and groups would have been sent to Army forces.”

After the delicate affirmations, Posso was supervised by the current secretary of that university, Andrés Felipe Bedoya, to retract those claims in which she failed to provide evidence.

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Once the Court had the case in its hands, ruled against her and ordered her to amend her error with the General Secretariat of the U. del Tolima.

Despite this, Posso’s retraction was ambiguous. After the judicial decision, the youth secretary deleted the tweets in which she made the accusations and published the following statement: “I allow myself to specify that the trills made on the U Tolima were aimed at requesting the competent authorities to investigate the facts denounced by the media. At no time was anyone prosecuted or hinted at having evidence.”

In this context, the secretary Felipe Bedoya alleged non-compliance because “the rectification was not made in the terms ordered by the Third Civil Court of Ibagué”, as stated in the official documents.

According to him, Posso did not admit that “I did not have evidence to have affirmed that sensitive student information was sent to the Army” by its Secretariat.

In that same judicial proceeding, the Court also sanctioned Camilo Andrés Guzman Ramírez, the editor of two local media outlets that published the information even without probative material.

Both he and the youth secretary must pay the five days of house arrest and a fine of 5,800,000 pesos.

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