Petro will convene Venezuelan dialogue in Colombia

Petro will convene Venezuelan dialogue in Colombia

Colombian President Gustavo Petro announced that he will convene an “international conference” to advance the Venezuelan dialogue.

This Tuesday, the Colombian president, Gustavo Petroinformed that it will convene a «international conference» to advance in the Venezuelan dialogue.

Through the social network Twitter, the president indicated: “I will convene an international conference in Colombia with the aim of building the roadmap that allows the political dialogue effective of society and the Venezuelan government.

Petro announced that it seeks to establish itself as a mediator in the political situation it is currently going through Venezuela.

Let us remember that the talks between the government and the Venezuelan opposition are on pause after the last meeting at a table of dialogue in Mexico.

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The conference will be held in Bogotá, possibly “for the days after Holy Week,” according to the Presidency. The presence of the Venezuelan president, Nicolas Madurois not yet confirmed, although it is not ruled out.

In addition, there will be guests from Europe, Latin America and the United States and at the meeting Petro “will seek a direct dialogue with the Venezuelan opposition,” according to the Presidency.

This meeting aims to “reopen roads and build a roadmap to stimulate and support dialogue between the Venezuelan opposition, civil society in that country and the Venezuelan government.”

Petro met with Maduro precisely last week in Caracas, in their fourth meeting since Colombia and Venezuela resumed diplomatic relations. The dialogue with the opposition did not transcend among the issues they addressed, although it was dealt with, as the Presidency now reports.

The announcement coincides with the celebration in Washington of the High-Level Dialogue between Colombia and the US. In this meeting, issues such as cooperation on migration, the fight against drug trafficking and the fight against the climate crisis have been addressed.

The visit of the Venezuelan opponent Leopoldo López, who spoke before the Foreign Relations Committee of the US Senate, also coincided.

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