Petruzzelli, 100 thousand views for streaming at the beginning of 2021 And six concerts are scheduled for March

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It begins on the 2nd with the Theater Orchestra led by Renato Palumbo. But on the 29th Jordi Bernacer could direct in front of the public

of Francesco Mazzotta

The wait is growing for the reopening of the theaters, indicated by Minister Franceschini next March 27. But the numbers of the pandemic are also increasing, to the point of making the restart that day quite unlikely. Meanwhile, the Petruzzelli theater carries on the free streaming strong of the more than 100 thousand views recorded in the first two months of the year, says the superintendent Massimo Biscardi. On the social channels and on the website of the opera body, the orchestra of the theater entrusted to Renato Palumbo will start again on 2 March (at 8.30 pm), who in Bari had brought opera back to the Petruzzelli rebuilt with the «TurandotWhile he had recently directed the «Falstaff» suspended for the stop at the theaters and one of the first online concerts, when the guest was the violinist Isabelle Faust. The program this time is all symphonic and includes two famous “British” pages, the “London” by Haydn and the no less famous “Scottish” by Mendelssohn.

The billboard

Therefore, the bill on March 9 sanctions the return to the stage of the theater choir directed by Fabio Cassi for the “Small Solemn Mass»By Rossini, which will be heard in the original edition of 1864 for four voices, choir, two pianos and harmonium, soloists the soprano Michela Guarrera, the mezzo-soprano Cecilia Molinari, the tenor Riccardo Della Sciucca and the bass Matthias Winckhler. The pianists will be Rocco Toscano and Chiara Pulsoni, while Gaetano Magarelli will sit at the harmonium. Then, four appointments with the Orchestra flanked by as many soloists and conducted by three different conductors. It starts on March 13 with the German baton Nicolas Nägele and the Hungarian cellist István Várdai («Concerto n. 2» by Dvorak e “Pastoral Symphony” by Beethoven) and continues on March 18 with another German on the podium, Hansjörg Albrecht, and the English pianist Benjamin Grosvenor («The Hebrides»By Mendelssohn, «Concerto n. 2»Di Saint-Saëns e «Sinfonia n. 1» by Bruckner) and, again, on March 24 with the Spanish Jordi Bernacer and the German violist Nils Mönkemeyer («Concerto KV 622» by Mozart in the version for viola and orchestra e «Sinfonia n. 82»By Haydn). Finally, on 29 March – with the possible return of the public to the theater – there will still be Bernacer, this time with the Austrian clarinetist Daniel Ottensamer («Concerto KV 622»By Mozart and«Sinfonia Mathis the painter»By Hindemith).

March 3, 2021 | 17:21

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