Pettaikaali Tamil Web Series Review Aha Tamil Ott | Pettaikali web series review how is it?

The number of earthy films in Tamil cinema is decreasing now. In this case, a web series named Pettaikali has been created to fill that space. Aha Tamil OTD has released 4 episodes in a week so far. All the episodes released so far have been hits. Kishore Kumar, Sheela Rajkumar, Lovely Chandrasekhar, Kalaiyarasan, Vela Ramamurthy, Antony are playing the lead roles. This series is based on Jallikattu.

Vela Ramamurthy, who is a village farmer, rears jallikattu bulls. The people of the neighboring town and his town have been enmity for many years. Kishore and his elder sister’s son Kaliyarasan live in the neighboring town. At Jallikattu, a dandora is placed that no one should touch Vela Ramamurthy’s cow. In spite of this, Kaliyarasan catches the cow in the gravel. This creates enmity between the two towns. What happened next is shown in the episodes released so far.

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Beyond the story of the film, it is surprising how they made such a screenplay into a film. Especially the Jallikattu related scenes are shot in a quality way. They have actually gone to the place where jallikattu takes place and filmed it. Cinematographer Velraj of Pettaikali web series is sure to get an award. It can be said that Kalaiyarasan has lived as a madu budi warrior. He has given life to the character to such an extent. Kishore, who plays his uncle, has given an excellent performance. Vela Ramamurthy in the negative role is menacing as usual.

Apart from them, Sheela, Gautham and Bala Haasan, who appear in small roles, have given excellent performances. It seems that Sheela will be given more importance in the upcoming series. Pettayakali’s success is such that every episode ends with an urge to watch the next episode immediately. Santhosh Narayanan’s music plays the background score. While fans are celebrating by watching other language films in OTD, they can definitely celebrate by watching Pettaikali which is released in Tamil.

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