Pfizer, Clementi: “Two-dose vaccine against variants”. On the reminder: “Don’t postpone it too much”

Pfizer vaccine, second dose and variants. As evidenced by the study published in ‘Lancet’ that two doses of anti-Covid Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine can protect against all variants “I am not surprised, we had this indication already from the registration studies”, Massimo Clementi, director, told Adnkronos Health of the Laboratory of microbiology and virology of the San Raffaele hospital in Milan. “The United Kingdom has ventured with the vaccination policy of the first dose at all – adds Clementi – and this gave it an advantage in the first phase of the second wave, but today with the intense circulation of the Indian variant on their territory they have an increase in cases “.

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“Given the excellent results of the vaccine on the variants, I recommend not postponing the booster too much – suggests Clementi – do it before going on vacation”.

“Dancing is today the physical activity most at risk of Sars-Cov-2 contagion because it involves the proximity of people, almost always without a mask, and hyperventilation – continues the expert – A mix that in conditions of epidemiological tranquility does not it would bring risks, but today we are still in a borderline situation with respect to circulation and therefore we must wait. However, if, as promised by General Figliuolo, the decisive blow to the virus arrives this month, then it is conceivable to think of reopening the discos from July “. “Compared to last year, when the mistake of a very premature go-ahead was made, there are vaccines and an important part of the population, even if not all, of elderly and frail already immunized”, concludes Clementi.

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