Pfizer is suing an employee who stole documents related to the vaccine

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Just because you are paranoid does not mean that you are not being chased. The pharma giant Pfizer







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A veteran employee is suing for stealing “dozens” of confidential documents, including several related to the corona vaccine she opened.

In a lawsuit filed yesterday in federal court in San Diego, the company claimed that Chun Xiao Li violated her confidentiality agreement by uploading more than 12,000 files without permission to her personal accounts, from her laptop given to her by a company. The alleged materials include an “operating book” containing internal evaluations and recommendations regarding the coronary vaccine developed by the company together with German biotech, and presentations related to antibodies to cancer.

According to the lawsuit, Lee, a managing partner at Statistics, repeatedly tried to obscure her traces, and even provided a laptop as “bait” to mislead the company. Lee, “misled Pfizer about what she took, how she took it, when and why she did it, and where to find those files (and possibly others),” the drugmaker wrote.

Following the incident, Lee was fired after 15 years at the company, and according to reports overseas she has an offer to join Xenco a company in clinical stages, in California that focuses on cancer treatments and autoimmune diseases.

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