Pharmacists threaten further protests | free press

Pharmacists threaten further protests |  free press

2023-06-10 16:55:11

The industry association Abda has complained that there have been no relevant adjustments to fees for 20 years. It could therefore be that there will not be just one day of protest by the pharmacies.

Pharmacy customers have to be prepared for restrictions even after a planned day of protest on Wednesday. “If we are not heard, we will demonstrate again,” said the President of the Abda industry association, Gabriele Overwiening, to the “Focus” according to the advance notice.

People would realize what it means that the pharmacy is there – or not. The association is calling on pharmacies to close on Wednesday as part of a protest against the federal government’s health policy.

The pharmacists are asking politicians to increase the fees by almost 50 percent. “Today we are paid 8.35 euros per drug, for 20 years without any relevant adjustment. In view of the cost development, we need 12 euros, otherwise it doesn’t pay off,” said Overwiening. There is no way around it.

In the past 20 years, standard wages have risen by 52 percent and the income from statutory health insurance by 105 percent. (dpa)

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