Philip operated on the heart, Harry and Meghan do not stop the interview – Prince Philip of Edinburgh was subjected to a heart surgery that he “succeeded”: he made it known Buckingham Palace, evidently relieved by the conditions of the Duke of Edinburgh who, for days, have kept the royal family in suspense.

But the battle for the life of the elderly prince consort does not seem to ‘bend’ Harry e Meghan, intending not to stop the airing of the interview on Sunday evening ad Oprah Winfrey: an interview in which they promise to tell their truth, the reasons for the Megxit, America’s flight, the fatigue of living in the Royal Family, because they got out.

The couple is under pressure to ask Cbs to postpone the transmission, also in consideration of the health conditions of the grandfather. But for the moment, a source close to the Duke and Duchess of Sussex has confirmed that everything will go ahead as planned: it is up to the Cbs decide “but at the moment I don’t think there is any intention to postpone the broadcast,” he said.

The husband 99enne of the Queen Elisabetta has been hospitalized for more than two weeks with an infection and a pre-existing heart problem; was subjected Wednesday to an intervention allSt. Bartholomew Hospital, where he had been transferred in recent days to deal with the situation.

Now, he will have to stay a few more days in the hospital for treatment, rest and recovery. He will certainly be spared seeing the interview with Harry and Meghan on Sunday evening. Confirming that the crisis is likely to overflow, some parliamentarians have also intervened to say that the Sussex people are “ill advised”.

Filippo often had a mediating role within the Royal Family: he offered to intervene at the time of the crisis between Prince Charles and Lady Diana, he forced himself to move away Sarah Ferguson, the wife of the Prince Andrew, when his betrayals became public and it was often the shadow man of the Crown.

When, four days after admission, he received the heir to the throne at King Edward Hospital (where he was initially treated), the Prince Charles, many thought that he had wanted to see it, in defiance of Covid rules, precisely to talk about the future of the Crown.

He will not be able to intervene this time, despite the crisis is very heavy. After all, the broadcasting rights of the interview have been sold all over the world and it is already known that the outburst of the dukes, after the first broadcast on Sunday in the USA, will air in more than 17 countries, including Italy.

To shake an already fiery climate, the revelation that some in the staff of Kensington Palace, at the time when the dukes were still in London, they accused Meghan bullying: Buckingham Palace he has already said he is very concerned about the claims that Meghan mistreated the staff, which made someone cry for his alleged harshness.

In one case a furious quarrel would break out over the clothes that the designers and fashion houses sent to Kensington Palace, a kind homage to the Duchess: Meghan wanted to keep them for herself, but the protocol of the Royal House provided for something else.

In another case, during a tour of a market in the Fiji Islands, one of his assistants was reduced to tears by a furtive hiss from Meghan who was evidently upset about something.

Buckingham Palace has promised an investigation, but Meghan already defends herself: in an anticipation of the interview released by CBS, she attacks Buckingham Palace for its role in “perpetuating falsehoods”.

“I don’t know how they can expect us to remain silent after all this time if there is an active role of the ‘Firm’ in perpetuating the falsehoods about us,” says the duchess, dressed in an Armani suit worth over $ 4,000, in the garden. of his new home in California.

“And if that involves the risk of losing things, I mean … there is already a lot that has been lost.”

The couple denounced the timing of the allegations, claiming that the British press was used to “sell a completely false narrative” ahead of the expected televised interview. A public crisis in the UK has not been remembered since the days of Lady D, Harry’s mother, also the protagonist of a sensational interview in 1995.



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